Power Banks 101: Which is best for me?

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So you've decided to get a power bank, but you have no idea what size to get. We know there's a lot of choice on our site so we thought we'd help you decide.

What is an mAh?

An mAh is a milliampere hour, a unit of measurement for the amount of power a battery has. When deciding on a power bank, the mAh value will tell you how large the capacity of the power bank is - the bigger the mAh the bigger the capacity.

Now that's cleared up, how do you decide on which is the best power bank for you. We recommend you consider three main categories - size and weight, price and need.

As you would expect, larger capacity power banks require larger capacity and therefore bigger batteries! Many power banks use multiple batteries within a single unit, hence you must decide how important the size and weight of you power bank is to you. Our largest capacity power bank, the 21,000 mAh Magnum Opus, is also our largest whilst our smallest capacity power bank, the 1,500 mAh ultra-slim, is also our thinnest and lightest. Fortunately, our 10,000 mAh power bank is compact enough for this to not be a major issue, but it remains bulkier and weightier than our smaller capacity power banks such as our 1,500 mAh ultra-slim.

Typically, the higher the capacity the power bank the more expensive it is. This is due to a range of factors, but higher capacity power banks tend to have a greater number of features and require more batteries. Therefore, we recommend that you decide on a budget and then find which power bank suits your needs best at this pricing point!

Finally, it's necessary to decide how much power you truly NEED. If you're heading away for a weekend where you won't have access to a mains supply, we recommend a higher capacity power bank like our 21,000 mAh magnum opus. This will give you a number of full charges, keeping up with you over any weekend camping trip or festival. However, if you're the type that never runs out of battery and using a power bank will be very rare for you a power bank like our 1,500 mAh ultra-slim will provide you with an emergency pick-me-up.


With all these factors carefully considered, it becomes a lot easier to decide 


  • Dominic Preston: February 25, 2017

    Especially i like 21,000 mAh Power bank. 21,000 mAh Magnum Opus is best for me.

  • Michael Silies: February 13, 2017

    I Think 21,000 MAH This Is Best For Me.

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