Power Banks 101: How do power banks really work?

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We've seen plenty of articles out there that claim to explain how power banks work. You read them and it's the instruction manual supplied with our products. We want to tell you not just how to use power banks work but how they really work!

There's no greater joy than knowledge so buckle up and get ready to increase your electrical know-how.

What's a power bank made out of?
Charged Power utilises Lithium Ion batteries as the internal structure for our power banks. These are widely regarded as the best batteries available in terms of recharging. Lithium batteries consist of a few major components a positive electrode, negative electrode and an electrolyte.

Beyond that, depending on the power bank chosen Charged Power utilises a wide range of high quality and attractive external materials

How does the lithium ion battery work?

The Li-ion batteries at its bare bones work as follows:

When charging: the positive electrode releases some of its electrons, these electrons travel through the electrolyte and arrive at the negative electrode . This process charges the battery.

When discharging: the electrons move through the electrolyte and back to the positive electrode.

What's happening when my power bank is full/ empty?

When your power bank is fully charged or completely empty, there is no longer a movement of ions.

Why do chargedpower.com use lithium ion batteries?

  • Li-ion batteries are the highest quality and are instilled with electronic controls that regulate charge and discharge. This regulation minimises the prospect of a battery exploding.
  • Li-ion batteries don't suffer memory effect like older batteries.
  • They don't contain toxic materials like older batteries and are thus better for the environment. 

*Whew* now that's all covered, you'll be able to impress everyone you know with your inordinate amount of electrical knowledge!

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  • David steward: February 10, 2017

    Thank You Charged Power For Your Valuable Information. Keep up the good work.

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