Introducing: CHJGD® Magnum Opus

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magnum opus
ˌmaɡnəm ˈəʊpəs,ˈɒpəs/
1. a work of art, music, or literature that is regarded as the most important or best work that an artist, composer, or writer has produced.

Much like artists, composers and writers we at CHJGD® take great pride in our work. We often draft and redraft our ideas before going ahead when introducing any new products to ensure the highest quality. That’s why we are confident that our newest 21,000 mAh power bank is deserving of its name. 


Before we took the plunge into the market of larger power banks, we naturally surveyed what’s already out there. Following the words of Sir Thomas Edison “there’s a better way to do it - find it” , we embarked on our search to innovate. We sought to pack as many features as possible, with as high a capacity as possible all whilst maintaining as small and sleek a body as possible.This was no mean feat, but we succeeded and thus the CHJGD® Magnum Opus was born!


 This power bank is streamlined, speedy and equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge (Q.C.) 3.0 ensuring that you’re not left waiting around to revive your phone. Q.C. increases the efficiency of the power bank optimising the speed of energy transfer. Coupled with the LCD display, you’ll never be left in the dark about how many charges you have left. 


From personal experience, we know that you’re often juggling two devices which always somehow run out of battery simultaneously. You’d never ask a parent to choose their favourite child and you shouldn’t have to choose between your devices either. Our Magnum Opus is the first within our range to feature two USB ports, making it the perfect travel companion!


Despite all of the ground breaking features, we’ve managed to maintain a relatively petite frame with our charger remaining one of the smallest available. 


We believe this power bank is the best of its kind, a work of art and truly something to behold



Smart power on the go. 

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  • Stefan Thoerner: February 13, 2017

    Easy to use and it’s quick. Does get warm when charging my phone.

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