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Music is a form of escapism, one that keeps us going during our day to day life. Ear buds and headphones are a commuter staple, our favourite playlists keeping us going through the train delays and over-crowding. As every commuter knows, being stranded without any music on your journey into work - is a modern tragedy. That's why we designed our latest 6,000 mAh Kaset power bank with our fellow music lovers in mind. Wherever you're headed, this is the perfect lifeline for your favourite playlist. 

Whether you're a streamer or a purchaser, it's no secret that listening to your favourite playlists is one of the most demanding functions for your smartphone. The CHJGD® Kaset was designed in honour of the vintage cassette tape, an innovation that brought increased portability to music. Whilst the days of the sony walkman's dominance are over, its legacy is eternal. 

We've developed our Kaset in 4 designs, to suit your individual style. Whether you're a fan of musical history's best casanovas, the dawn of grunge in the 90s or Marilyn Monroe (one of the defining figures in Hollywood), the Kaset is the perfect pocket companion. Whatever your preferred genre, there's a Kaset for you!

The CHJGD® Kaset boasts an impressive 6,000 mAh capacity and a slim frame making it perfectly portable and pocket-sized!

Stay connected to both the people you love and the music you love, with our very latest addition. Check out the collection by clicking this cassette tape below!


  • Vasile Foca: February 25, 2017

    can i charge my iPhone 7 plus with this power bank?

  • Rohini Finch: February 25, 2017

    Most innovative products ever i think.

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