Charged Power Myth Busters: Can you charge your phone overnight?

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Can you charge your phone overnight?

One of the greatest myths we hear is that you can't charge your mobile device overnight. Whether you're using mains electricity or your power bank for prolonged periods of time, there is a concern that you will "overcharge" your smartphone suggesting that overusing your portable charger will degrade your battery's life in the long run. 

Fortunately, for those of us that sleep with our phones plugged in, this isn't true. Smartphones nowadays, just like charged power power banks, are normally equipped with Lithium-ion batteries (more on how these work in our Powerbanks 101 Blog post). 

In the past, Li-ion batteries would overheat if they were left charging for too long. Overheating does degrade batteries and decrease their performance over time but generally speaking smartphones nowadays manage their power better and dissipate heat better. However, overheating can still be an issue if your case doesn't allow proper heat dissipation so bear this in mind. 

So in summary, can you charge your phone overnight? Sure, so long as you don't have the sort of case that will cause it to overheat and degrade your batteries. 





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