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At CHJGD we’re passionate about combining luxury and functionality and in our pursuit for the perfect merge of the two the CHJGD | GOLD was born. Gold as an element is the most stable and consistent in the periodic table earning it’s place as the most valuable and easily traded commodity available in the global market place. Gold is the very symbol of wealth and prestige so naturally we sought to bring this symbol to the masses packaged in a power-bank to keep you connected whilst on the go. This power bank is our highest capacity so far boasting 4000 mAh and a smooth curved metallic finish outer. The LEDs are in place in order to allow you to monitor the current capacity of the charger throughout the day, delivering up to three complete phone charges throughout the day. Here at CHJGD we respect that our customers are busy individuals thus making it more important than ever to have the perfect companion throughout the day. The CHJGD | Gold Edition power bank succeeds in being both subtle and understated as well as eye catching providing a stylish solution to the age old issue of keeping you connected at all times. Despite its capacity, this power bank avoids being overly bulky hence not decreasing the product’s portability. As usual, the power-bank boasts our unique branding and a year’s warranty for your piece of mind ensuring that you remain consistently connected with smart power, on the go.

This power bank is now available for purchase!

 CHJGD - Smart power on the go. 

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  • Vasile Foca: February 08, 2017

    very very confident, nothing negative all very good

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