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It is true, we’ve reached a point of no return – human beings now depend on mobile devices for survival!

Find yourself in a situation where you cannot do all the wonderful things that come with owning a smartphone, life becomes…meaningless. Maybe not. But almost every person who owns a phone knows too well how running out of power whilst you’re out and about can significantly complicate your existence on earth.

No connection with the outside world, no access to information, no entertainment! In panic, you look for that elusive public outlet (depending on where you are) or charge back to your car so you can top up or just give up and wait till you get back home. Meanwhile, the world is passing you by…

Fortunately, these and other harrowing experiences yet to be documented are a thing of the past with the introduction of the power bank. Our phones have evolved significantly from the Dyna TAC 8000X which was a huge status symbol back in the 80s to today’s smartphone which comes in all shapes, designs and powerful to rock our world. The major drawback is that battery power is usually not sufficient enough to meet our daily requirements. There is a battery revolution taking place behind the scenes as smartphone manufacturers try to address this all important issue. However, it is likely to take a few good years before the world sees a smartphone that is energy efficient. For now, life must go on. So we’ve seen the birth of the power bank capable of bringing your smartphone or any other device back to life when the battery runs out when you’re out and about!

Power Banks Defined

A power bank is a USB outlet or external battery which allows you to store electrical energy (bank) and use to charge your mobile device on the go or in emergency situations (withdraw). In other words, it is a specially designed superhero which can be counted on to come to the rescue when your smartphone runs out of power. In other countries, power banks are also known as Power Stations or Battery Banks.

Different Types Of Power Banks

There are 3 types of power banks:

Portable Power Banks - Ideal for people on the go and can fit into your pocket, purse or wallet. The CHJGD power bank is specially designed for convenience, which means you can quickly charge your phone without compromising on safety or run the risk of cramping your style.

Solar Power Banks They come with in-built photovoltaic panels capable of trickle-charging the internal battery when placed in sunlight.  To keep it simple, a trickle charge is an electric charge stored at a continuous low rate to keep a battery fully charged. Ideal for people who live in places where ‘the sun always shines’ or those doing their bit to save the environment by utilising renewable energy.

Phone Charging Cases (Battery Cases) – These are external covers designed to recharge and protect the phone at the same time. However, they are usually bulky and not compatible with a wide range of phones on the market.

In our next article, we will be looking at power bank capacities and important features to consider before buying one.  STAY TUNED!


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